Wednesday 3 January 2018

Special Offers – Soil Blockers and SAALET Seeders

Your opportunity to get a Soil Blocker at reduced price!
Once again, we have a few damaged or shop-soiled Soil Blockers on offer.  These all work perfectly, but have either suffered some damage in transit or (in one case) been mistreated.

 First of all, one that has NOT been damaged at all!  This is a Mini 4, finished in a dark green protective paint coating.  Ladbrooke made some of these before they introduced the resin-coated option.  It's a good buy at a slightly lower price than a standard Mini 4, and comes complete with 4 long ('dowel') seed pins as well as the standard short pins.

Normal price for the new-style Mini 4 is £19.60
This one: £17.50 including UK postage
Email to buy  SOLD

Number 2 is a standard new-style Mini 4 which suffered a slight dent in transit.  The dent has been straightened, but you will still be able to see the 'scar'!  Again, supplied with 4 long ('dowel') seed pins as well as the standard short pins.

£14.50 including UK postage  SOLD
Email to buy

This third one is a real bargain!  It's an old-style Mini 4 (the different handle is really the only difference).  A customer managed to break it and then had the cheek to ask for a replacement!  We were too trusting in those days and sent him one, but at least he returned the damaged one.  Restored to full working condition with a little TLC, this will give you years of good service, but it is a little battle-scarred!

The price of these old-style Mini 4s was about £16.00, but
this one is £10.00 including UK postage  Email to buy   SOLD

And then, a couple of Mini 5s that got a little bent in transit but have now been 'unbent' and work perfectly.

Normal Price £17.00
These ones £13.00 each, including UK postage
Email to buy

Last of these bargain Soil Blockers is a Micro 20 with spots on the zinc-plated finish.  Perfect in every other respect.

Normal price £15.10
This one: £12.50 including UK postage
Email to buy  SOLD

NOT ILLUSTRATED, we have a few SAALET Easy Sowers with damaged cardboard boxes.  These got a little wet on the outside, but there is no damage to the Seeders.  Normal price £19.45, these are reduced at £16.00 each, including UK postage  SOLD

Email us to buy any of these specials . . . When they're gone, they're gone!
We will update this page as soon as any of these are sold.

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