Thursday 20 March 2014

EarthWay Seeder Spring Offer

Spring seems to be on its way, and many of us are finding that the soil is drying out enough to think about getting those seeds in - at last!

We have always liked using our EarthWay Seeder, which has served us reliably since 1998.  We had to search high and low to get one back then, and that was the main reason we started selling tools - so that other people could find specialist tools like the EarthWay much more easily.

Now things are MUCH easier, and they are easier still until the end of April!  The UK and Europe importers for EarthWay have come up with a special 'bundle' offer which means that we can offer you:-

1  EarthWay Garden Seeder
1  Set of 6 Standard Seed Plates
1  Set of 5 Optional Seed Plates
1  Seed Plate Storage Case
1  Blank Seed Plate

 . . . for just £180.00 including delivery to your door (UK mainland)

Normal price for this package would be £239.00 delivered !

Follow this link to the special page of our website, where you can find more details and buy online.

And just one more tip - with rising postage costs, some of our prices will need to go up a little on March 31st, so it may be worth placing your order before then.  Email us if you would like to check current prices against the new ones!