Monday 27 September 2021

Better Than The EarthWay Seeder ? We Think So!

We have been stocking EarthWay Seeders from the very early days of our Blackberry Lane Online Toolshop.  Why?  Because we had already been using our own EarthWay for several years and were very pleased with it.  It was saving us so much time – and seed!

Since then, we have developed an ongoing relationship with the company that has been importing EarthWay products from the USA for the UK and European market.

Earlier this year, we heard of their plans to develop their own replacement for the EarthWay and of course we were very interested.

So, the Cresco SRS (Single Row Seeder) is now in production and will very soon be released for sale in the UK.  

As you can see, it looks VERY similar to the EarthWay Seeder and in practice it is a straight replacement, with some small but significant improvements.

It comes with its own set of 10 seed discs and – GOOD NEWS – these discs are compatible with the EarthWay and vice versa.

Because the Cresco SRS will be selling at a significantly lower price than the EarthWay, we have decided to stop selling both the EarthWay Seeder and the cheaper all-plastic Easy Sower from Denmark in order to concentrate on the Cresco.

We shall continue to sell seed plates and other spares for the EarthWay as long as the importers hold stocks of them, but we expect to gradually move over completely to the Cresco.

We are just waiting for 2 things now:

    1)  A price for the Cresco SRS    and

    2)  Some Crescos to sell !!

We will update our website as soon as we have them in stock but, if you would like us to tell you when they are in, please drop us an email.