Monday 10 September 2018

Website security

If you use the Google Chrome internet browser (as we do) you will have noticed that the URL address bar now shows 'secure' or 'not secure' (near the top left hand corner of your screen).

Initially, the 'not secure' warnings only showed if the website had no security protection and there were 'fields' on the website which requested input like passwords or other personal details.

More recently, however, the warnings have started appearing on ALL unprotected sites, even if there are no fields which request input.

Our own website is unprotected, but this does not mean that your information is at risk.

Why not?  

Simply because our site does not ask you for any information at all.

When you choose to buy any item from our site, you are taken to the PayPal website, which IS secure.  PayPal takes your payment details and processes them, then notifies us of your name, email address, phone number and delivery address, plus (of course) details of what you have bought.  NO OTHER information is passed to us.

So, please do not worry about visiting our site (or any other) which shows 'not secure'.  Just make very certain that you are on a secure site whenever you are asked to input any personal information, especially regarding credit cards or other financial details.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.  07792 592068