Monday 20 April 2015

SAALET Easy Sower

Well, here it is!

A low-cost option for seed sowing of most sizes of vegetable seeds - from Cabbages to French Beans!

It was back in 2002 that we first made contact with Helge Petersen, the inventor of the SAALET Easy Sower.  At that time, we were interested to try one out as we had read Eliot Coleman's comments about them in The New Organic Grower  and Four Season Harvest.

For whatever reason, that contact did not develop and so it was in 2014 that we started contact with Kenneth at Saalet again, this time with a view to importing the Easy Sower to sell in the UK . . .

. . . and now we have our first batch and have started selling them!

Looks like no-one else in the UK is selling them at the moment, though they have been sold by other merchants in the past.  We have them at £24.80 including UK postage, and you can buy them direct 'off the page' at our new SAALET Easy Sower page on the Blackberry Lane website.