Friday, 19 January 2018

Ho-Mi Prices Down AGAIN !

We were delighted to be able to reduce the prices for our Korean Ho-Mis back in October, after we had been able to substantially reduce our import costs.

Now we have another reduction to announce, but only on the Large and Small Ho-Mis.  Other Ho-Mi models remain at the same prices as in October – they are still very good value!

It happened like this . . .

Years ago, another importer used to sell Ho-Mis in the UK.  He stopped selling them before we started, and in fact it was BECAUSE he had stopped that the South Korean manufacturer started looking for someone else to handle them.  Our Australian contacts at Allsun Farm / Gundaroo Tiller were kind enough to suggest us, and we have been selling Ho-Mis ever since!

Just a few weeks ago, the former importer's son found himself with some stock of Large and Small Ho-Mis that he wanted to move on and (again through contact with Joyce at Allsun Farm) he came to us and offered them to us at a favourable price.  Seems that his father had imported large numbers and so had been able to make even better savings on the import costs.
Now we have taken delivery and have a very large stock of Large and Small Ho-Mis at unrepeatable prices:–

Large Ho-Mis at £8.40 each (previously £11.60)
Small Ho-Mis at £9.80 each (previously £11.50)

Yes, we know that looks odd!  The Small Ho-Mis have always been cheaper than the Large ones, but this fresh stock is about 95% Large Ho-Mis, so we have made bigger savings on them.

When we eventually need to re-order from South Korea, the Large ones will be pricier than the Small but, until then, now is the opportunity to buy at LOVELY LOW PRICES !

Find them on our website at

UPDATE :  March 2021: 
In 2020, we sold out of the Small Ho-Mis from this old stock and so had to order some more from Korea, which meant that we had to put the price for Small Ho-Mis up a bit more, but still just less than £11.50.  Postage price rises since then have nudged up the prices of both Large and Small Ho-Mis, but the Large ones are still a real bargain and we still have quite a lot left.

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