Tuesday 16 June 2020

Ash Handles Back in Stock !

Just a quick note to give you some good news . . .

We now have a good stock of ash handles, including the longer 1.5m (5ft) handles for BroadForks.

You'll find the BroadForks at http://www.blackberrylane.co.uk/broadfork.html
and the rest of the handles at http://www.blackberrylane.co.uk/handles.html

Monday 25 May 2020

New Tools – New Prices !

Glaser Tools in Switzerland have increased their range again, so we now have some new tools on our website.

Here is a summary:

2 New Sizes of Stirrup Hoe – 100 mm and 150 mm – to add to the existing range of 125 mm, 175 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 275 mm, 300 mm, 325 mm and 350 mm.

2 New Sizes of Oscillating Hoe – 100 mm and 150 mm, along with the 200 mm model which arrived last year.  The 85 mm, 125 mm and 175 mm models have been top favourites for years!

The Weed Sweeper – a new tool, rather like a hybrid between the Collinear Hoe and the Wireweeder.  With a sharp replaceable blade for precision weeding.

The Roll Cultivator – to roll over dry, lumpy soil to crumble it into a finer tilth.

The Multi-Head Weeder – a new mini-system, based on a single holder to which different sizes of wire weeder and collinear hoe can be attached, as well as a torsion weeder.  Simple, robust and effective.

The downside is that we have needed to raise our prices for all the Glaser range.  Glasers themselves have not increased their prices, but the double whammy of Brexit uncertainty and the Covid-19 crisis has knocked the £ exchange rate down, so we have to pay more for the same value in Swiss Francs.  We have been 'carrying' some of this increase for a little while, so the increases are significant.  

As always, we will be glad to reduce our prices again if and when the exchange rate gets better

Thursday 26 March 2020

Corona Virus – Running Out Of Stocks!

One of the results of the Corona Virus and the general UK 'lock-down' seems to have been that more people started spending more time in their gardens and some of them came to our website to buy more garden tools.  

We became exceptionally busy as soon as the 'lock-down' started, but started to run into a few difficulties as some of our suppliers temporarily stopped production.  Fortunately, everyone now seems to be getting back into action again!  (Updated 23rd June)

We have BroadForks in stock and now have a good supply of handles again. (Updated 16th June)

Soil Blockers
Ladbrooke Soil Blockers re-started production and our long-awaited order arrived in late May.  All models now in stock, except the Mini 5, which has sold out.  We have another other pending !  (Updated 30th June)

Wooden Handles
GOOD NEWS !  Our long-awaited order arrived on Tuesday 16th June.  We only have a couple of the 1.35m (4ft 6in) handles left and are not planning to get any more of those in, as everyone seems to prefer the 1.5m (5ft) version.   (Updated 16th June)

Glaser Tools
Another stock order from Switzerland just came on 23rd June, so we now have stocks of the Glaser 'Berg' 500 and 600 Wheel Hoes again.  (Updated 23rd June)

We have literally hundreds of Large Ho-Mis, so we are not expecting to run out of these!  But we did run out of the Small Ho-Mis and so had to order some more from South Korea.  They arrived here on 21st July, so now they are 'live' again on our website.
 ( http://www.blackberrylane.co.uk/homi.html )   (Updated 21st July)

Friday 10 January 2020

Secondhand Glaser Wheelhoe for sale

We have been contacted by one of our customers who has a Glaser 'Berg 500' wheelhoe which he bought from us but no longer uses.  He plans to get a smaller 'Pico 700' to replace it, which will probably be easier to use in his restricted working space.

We haven't seen this 'Berg 500' ourselves, but the photos show that it has not had much wear and seems to have been looked after.  He is selling it complete with a 275mm Glaser Stirrup Hoe, which again has not been used very much.  The spring steel blade had rusted, but he has treated it with rust remover which has turned the surface black.  This surface colour will wear off as the hoe is used but it protects the blade in the meanwhile.

If you were to buy a Glaser 'Berg 500' from our website, it would cost you £389.80 without any attachments.  A 275mm Stirrup Hoe would cost £119.40 on its own, but we would sell the two together for £479.20.  All prices include postage.

Our customer is offering his Berg 500, complete with the 275mm Stirrup Hoe, for £354.70 (including UK postage) – or near offer.

We are trying to help him out with this sale but will get nothing from it except selling him a new 'Pico 700', so obviously we can make no guarantees to either buyer or seller.

If you might be interested in taking advantage of this, please email us with your offer price and we will pass it on to our customer.  If your offer is accepted, he will then contact you to proceed with the sale, which will be a private matter between you and him.  We will not be involved any further, having done our bit to act as a 'shop window' for him.

Thursday 9 January 2020

Website Back Online Again !

Just a quick note to confirm that our site is back online after a few days of problems linked to our 'hosting' arrangements.  Looks like that is all sorted out nicely and we should not have any more problems.

Thanks to all those who made contact to check, especially those who persisted in finding ways to place their orders – in spite of the website!

Best wishes to all for a productive 2020 . . .