Monday 8 March 2021

EarthWay Seeders for Grain Crops – ?

One of our customers is starting some experiments with small-scale grain growing, using his EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder to sow the seed.

Here are his comments so far:

"It looks like the following plates are going to work best:

wheat, rye + barley - radish plate or popcorn plate.  The radish one won't accept the larger seeds (often picks them up but drops them back in the hopper as they won't entirely fit through the hole) but does surprisingly well, the popcorn plate has a tendency to pick up a couple instead of just one but with the wider spacing that might be fine anyway.

Emmer wheat (much bigger seeds) - small peas plate works really well, occasionally getting 2 seeds.  The chard plate also works pretty well but drops larger seeds back or drops them if it picks them up sideways.

Oats - it seems to have the most trouble with these as they're quite long thin seeds.  Best option seems to be the chard plate but it alternates between picking up several and missing them fairly frequently."

If you have been trying any experiments like this and have some advice to offer, please email us and we will pass on your thoughts.  We can also put you in direct contact with our customer if you would like to compare notes.