Thursday 20 December 2012

SeedSpoons are Here!

One of the challenges faced by many gardeners is the difficulty of handling very fine seeds, trying to sow them evenly without putting too many in one place.  Certainly we have had the same difficulty when sowing fine seeds in Micro 20 Soil Blocks, where the whole idea is to just have one seedling per block.  We have been recently introduced to SeedSpoons, which look like they could be a very effective answer to the problem.

Of course, it's not quite the best time of year to be trying out seed sowing techniques, but Dave has done a 'dry run' with the tiny seeds of Wild Rocket, and found that the smallest of the 'spoons' worked just right.  Come the Spring, we shall definitely be giving these SeedSpoons a much more complete 'road test', but the signs are very good so far.

If you would like to try them too, there is more information on our website , where they are available at £2.50 a set (including UK postage).  They could make a useful small gift for a gardener!

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