Thursday 20 December 2012

Seeders on Offer - all sold

We had 3 Glaser Seeders (No. 800) available, which can be attached to a Glaser Wheel Hoe or to a simple wooden handle.  All have now been sold.

The fixing bracket (right) is designed to attach to a crossbar, which then attaches to a Glaser Wheel Hoe.  However, it is a simple matter to assemble the bracket slightly differently so that it can be fitted direct to the Wheel Hoe, without using a crossbar.  The diagonal arms can be easily unbolted from the top bar, which is then inverted so that the nut and bolt can be used to attach it to the Wheel Hoe.

This picture (left) shows how one or more Seeder can be attached to a Wheel Hoe using a bracket and crossbar. (Slightly different bracket shown here, and the Seeder(s) painted green!)

Alternatively, a Seeder can be simply attached to the end of a wooden handle and drawn through the soil by hand.  You would need to pull it rather than push it, so a certain amount of walking backwards may be necessary!

For more information about the Seeder and how to operate it, see this PDF file on our website, which is based on a leaflet produced by Glaser GMBH in Switzerland.

The normal UK price for the Glaser 800 Seeder on its own is £167.60, and the brackets are £24.10 each.  (total £191.70).  We are offering these 2 Seeders at £150.00 each, including a free bracket.  If you buy both, then we will 'throw in' a 400 mm crossbar free as well (normally £24.50).  All prices include UK postage.  (Non-UK customers – please email us for postage costs.)

(Please Note!  The 400 mm crossbar can NOT be used with the Pico 700 Wheel Hoe, as it has 2 off-centre attachment bolts and the Pico 700 has only centre-line attachment points.)

You cannot buy these Seeders direct from our website, as we do not usually hold them in stock. (Normally only available to order.) If you want more information, or are interested to buy one or more of these Seeders, please email us . We can then make easy arrangements for you pay us (through PayPal, credit/debit card, cheque or bank credit transfer).

N.B. These Seeders are not 'seconds' or damaged in any way.  We bought some stock from a former supplier of Glaser Tools when he closed his business last year and are therefore able to make this special offer.

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