Friday 23 December 2011

Improved BroadFork Handles

In the past, we have had our battles with even getting handles for our BroadForks, but for the last year or so we have had excellent service from a new supplier, providing us with robust, one-piece solid ash dowels which are certainly up to the task, measuring 1200 mm (4ft) and 38 mm (1½ inch) diameter.

The only problem until now has been that you - the customer - have had to convert these very nice dowels into suitable handles by squaring off one end to fit in the BroadFork and rounding off the other end to make a comfortable top.

Now we are able to supply the handles to you ready squared-off and rounded, though you may want to trim them a little more and will still need to drill the holes for the retaining bolts.

One thing we haven't done for you is treat the handles with linseed oil.  This is a good old-fashioned way of prolonging the life of wooden handles and we really recommend it.  Just give the handles a couple of generous coats of oil and then stand the ends in jam-jars of oil to soak for a few days.  If you do this again every year or two, the handles should last a good long time.  Of course, this works for all the wooden handles on your other tools as well!

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