Wednesday 9 November 2011

Glaser Row Marker – Out of Production ?

One of the slightly more unusual Glaser tools!  If you need to mark up to 5 rows together, over a width of up to 73 cm (28½ inches), this is the ideal tool.  You only need a string to mark the first row and of course you can go on using the 5th row to mark the next 5 rows – how many do you want? 

Five rows are quickly and easily marked as you walk backwards over well-cultivated soil, keeping one tooth strictly on the marking string.

The less good news is that Glaser GMBH in Switzerland decided to cease production of the Row Marker at the end of 2009, apparently due to lack of demand.  We still have two in stock, and the price remains unchanged from our 2009 price list (apart from postal costs).  £58.90 including UK postage.

It is of course possible that Glasers may resume production if there is fresh demand but, in the meantime, if you need one of these, don't delay!  Here's a link to the relevant page on our website:-

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