Wednesday 2 June 2021

Row Marker on Special Offer !

Looking for a Glaser Row Marker?  Here's an offer to think about!

Earlier this year, some customers bought one of the larger, 1.2m Row Markers from us but found that they 'just didn't get on with it'.  So they came back to us and asked "Do you take returns?"

Not a question we have been asked before, but it seemed reasonable, so we said yes.

Obviously, it has been used and so is not gleaming in 'straight from the showroom' condition but, quite honestly, a new one is going to look the same after just a little use.

So, here is your opportunity to get the larger Glaser Row Marker for £93.00 (including UK mainland postage) instead of £118.00, a saving of £25.00

The picture shows the larger 1.2m Row Marker and the smaller 750mm Row Marker.  The one on offer is the larger model on the left.

Please email us if you are interested and we'll send you a payment link.


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