Friday 16 December 2016

BroadForking – Genuine Benefits

We are really grateful to Pete Dollimore of Hankham Organics for his feedback on using his BroadFork.  He very kindly says that he is "happy to promote a crafted product that has such great benefits for soil, food and fitness!"

Here's his experience so far (15th December 2016):–
Regarding the broadfork we purchased off you nearly a year ago, it has been far more successful than I imagined. Firstly the task of manually digging our 50m² beds when we're used to using machinery was quite daunting. We have a 1.5 acre glasshouse with 90 such beds, but actually our staff and I enjoyed the work and managed to get around a third of these broadforked this season. Previously we have used a subsoiler and/or spading machine but I have been increasingly concerned that the compaction caused by the tractor was doing more harm than good.
It was obvious that our subsoil needed some attention the moment we stuck the tines in and the results have been clear cut. We experimented with 2 beds of early courgettes, forking one bed and not the other. All other variables such as compost, variety, cultivations and watering were identical. The broadforked bed did much better with healthier plants, better yield and a longer harvest season.
I am embarrassed to admit I didn't take the opportunity to take a picture as proof but, after growing full time for 20 years I am somewhat more embarrassed that I have only just discovered the benefits of this marvellous tool! I would like to re run the experiment next season but am loathe to deny a whole bed the treatment I know will help them grow well. We'll see, but if I do I'll be sure to get the evidence and send it on.

Thanks, Pete!
Anyone else with BroadFork experiences to share? Please get in touch!

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