Sunday 16 October 2016

Soil Blocker News - New Looks for Ladbrooke!

Some of the Ladbrooke Soil Blockers now have a new look!

A new light green polyester resin finish is now available for the Micro 20 and the Mini 4, in addition to the familiar zinc-plated version we have known for years.

Both versions of these two models now also have fully-rounded handles – probably going to be a bit more comfortable to use, especially as you apply the pressure to form those lovely little blocks!

The resin finish is fully rustproof and may look a little more attractive.  Perhaps a suitable present with a slightly less utilitarian appearance?

Two more additions to the range are aimed to cater for the needs of the larger-scale grower who does not want such large soil blocks, but rather wants the maximum number to fit into limited space.  

The Multi 30 produces 30 blocks, each 30mm (1⅛ inch) cubes, which means that you can fit 60 of them into a standard UK/European seed tray.  Just two 'passes' of the blocker and the tray is full!

If you are using the larger US standard 1020 seed trays, then the Multi 35 enables you to fill each one with 105 blocks (again the 30mm / 1⅛ inch cubes) in just three 'passes'.  The 'footprint' of the Multi 35 is 224mm (8¾") x 155mm (6¼").

While we are talking about how many 'passes' fill a seed tray, it's worth noting that all the other 'Multi' blockers share the same 'footprint' as the new Multi 30  and measure 190mm (7½") x 155mm (6¼") at the base.  This means that, in a UK / European standard seed tray, you can fit:

12 blocks from the Multi 6, 24 blocks from the Multi 12 (or from the Mini 4) or 40 blocks from the Multi 20 (or from the Mini 5).

The less exciting news is that, after several years of keeping their prices unchanged, Ladbrooke Soil Blockers have recently needed to increase their prices.  They have done really well to hold them for so long, and the retail price rises that we have had to make over the last few years have all been caused by postage increases.

More information on our updated Soil Blockers page, with even more detail here as well.  If you need a general introduction to using Soil Blocks, this may be useful, too.

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