Monday 11 April 2016

Trying to Order a Micro 20 Soil Blocker?

If you have been wanting to order a Micro 20 Soil Blocker and can't find an 'Add to Cart' button, you are not alone.

Please accept our apologies for this.  It turns out that there is a problem at the server where our website is hosted, and the technical guys are working hard to fix it.

As soon as they have done that, we should be able to get that missing button back on our Soil Blockers page but, in the meantime, here is a button for you.

If you prefer, you can just email us and we shall send you a PayPal invoice for the right amount.

Thanks to a kind customer who alerted us to this problem!

UPDATE: As of 26th April, the problem seems to be fixed and the 'Add to Cart' button is back on our Soil Blockers page.  We'll leave it here for a while, too!

Micro 20 Soil Blockers cost £13.20 each, including UK postage.

16th October 2016.  With the recent Soil Blocker price increases, we have removed this extra 'Add to Cart' button to avoid confusion!  Micro 20 Soil Blockers now cost £15.00 including UK postage, and you have a choice of good old zinc plated or the new light green polyester resin finish.

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