Wednesday 2 April 2014

FeedBack on Soil Block Mixes, Please !

Calling all you keen Soil Block users out there . . .

We know you're there, probably just too busy getting all those blocks ready with this season's new plants - veggies, flowers or whatever - but can you spare a moment to share your experience of making soil blocks . . . PLEASE !  It will probably help LOTS of other gardeners.

Yes, we know that we give a recipe for mixing your own blocking mixes in our Soil Block Information Sheet, but many of you have probably taken a different route and either used a ready-made product from your local Garden Centre, or perhaps modified a ready-made mix by adding some loam, soil or garden compost.

If you have some good ideas which have worked for you, please email us or just add a comment below.  If we get enough feedback on this, we shall produce an extra information sheet to be sent to all future customers who buy Soil Blockers from us and also post a copy of it on our website.  We will be more than happy to quote contributors' names in the credits!

Without giving too much away, we understand that Soil Blocking may soon become even more popular as a certain well-known TV broadcaster seems likely to feature Soil Blockers in his weekly programme VERY SOON!

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