Thursday 2 May 2013

BroadForks Ready Now !

If you have been eagerly watching our website and waiting for us to re-stock with BroadForks, you may not need us to tell you that they are now back in stock.   Ready for you to order 'off the page' at

Hopefully there is still time to get at least some of that sub-soil 'un-compacted' before we rush straight into full summer.  It certainly seems like we are stepping very rapidly from the winter of a few weeks ago into what feels suspiciously like Spring, or perhaps even . . .           No, I won't say it - I remember the 'summer' we had in March last year, followed by one of the worst seasons on record.

Anyway, we hope you are enjoying some good weather now, and probably keeping very busy trying to catch up with all those outdoor tasks.  We certainly are, now that we are back on the land, especially as we have to 'catch up' with the effects of long-term neglect by our tenants.

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