Thursday, 26 March 2020

Corona Virus – Running Out Of Stocks!

One of the results of the Corona Virus and the general UK 'lock-down' seems to be that more people are planning to spend more time in their gardens and some of them have come to our website to buy more garden tools.  

We have been exceptionally busy since the 'lock-down' started, but we are starting to run into a few difficulties as some of our suppliers temporarily stopped production: –

We have BroadForks in stock.  Only problem is, we are now running VERY short of handles, and have sold out of the 1.5m (5ft) size.  More handles (both sizes) on order, but we don't have a delivery date yet!  Please email us if you would like to place an order ready for our new stock. (Updated 3rd June)

Soil Blockers
Ladbrooke Soil Blockers have re-started production and our order arrived a few days ago.  All models now in stock, including the Maxi 1 and Multi 20 !  (Updated 21st May)

Wooden Handles
We have now run out of all sizes except the 1.35m (4'6"), but our supplier has re-started production with a reduced workforce and we have placed an order which we know is being processed – but we don't yet have a delivery date!  Again, please email us if you would like to place an order ready for our new stock.   (Updated 22nd May)

Glaser Tools
Our latest order from Switzerland arrived OK, but we are running short of some items and will have a fresh order going in soon.  If what you want is marked as Out of Stock, please email us to let us know, and we shall let you know when we have it back in stock.  (Updated 15th April)

We have literally hundreds of Large Ho-Mis, so we are not expecting to run out of these!  We have now run out of the Small Ho-Mis and have more on their way from South Korea.  Coming by sea, so won't be here until mid-July or so!  Sorry!  (Updated 5th June)

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