Tuesday 29 May 2012

Your Questions, Comments and Feedback, Please!

It's a fair assumption that most of you who read this have bought tools from us at Blackberry Lane, or are considering buying some, so why not use this space to share your experience and comments about the tools you have used, or maybe to ask about one that you are considering buying?

We are always happy to offer advice where we can, but the unbiased opinion of another user helps to round out the picture, especially if it's a very unusual tool or a new one to our range.

Not many people have much experience of the Glaser 'Bio-Cultivator', for example so, if you have used one, why not share your thoughts?

Or any of you who have bought one of our new Ho-Mi range – as an 'early bird', you will have some experiences to share with those who are still thinking about them.

And please go on asking questions!  We'll answer the ones we can, and throw them open to others as well.

You can send comments straight to the blog. We shall see them before they are published but don't realistically expect to need to block anyone.

Or you can email us your thoughts and we'll publish them here if you want us to.  You can be semi-anonymous, if you like – ask us to just use your initials, like 'D.T. of Devon', for example – or we can give your full name; it's your choice.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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